How does the pricing work?

– As soon as you send your song, it will be evaluated to ensure it can be done effectively. Upon acceptance, a quote will be given to you. For most session work, expect around $50 per track, making a full song $250-$300 (2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals, and mixing). A full breakdown of how much everything costs will be sent, where you can choose which options you want (such as double tracking guitars or vocals). For music composition + recording, the quote will generally run around $100 per song + recording costs. After payment is received, work begins immediately.

Who owns the song?

– The song is entirely yours. I hold no rights, though it would be appreciated if you could provide a link back to my website.

Can you do session work of copyrighted songs?

– Not yet.

Do you have a preferred format to receive a song in?

– Guitar pro is the preferred method, though don’t let that discourage the sending of another format. I just find the overall process of GP extremely smooth, as it is easy to learn through the program and I use it to export click tracks.

How much experience do you have?

– 8 years of guitar (and bass by extension), 8 years songwriting, 5 years of drums, 1 year of keyboard, 2 years singing, and 3 years mixing.

What are your influences?

– Rock, hard rock, progressive rock, metal, death metal, melodic death metal, jazz, alternative, hip-hop… if it is considered music by someone, I’ve been influenced by it.

Is there any way to keep track of the song as it is being recorded?

– Skype can be used to do a webcam chat during recording, though it is important to note that the sound through Skype will not be the same as what is actually being recorded. Recording is only done during mornings or afternoons (EST).

I lost my song!

– Fear not, backups are kept of everything that has ever been worked on. They can be re-emailed for free or sent via DVD for $2 + shipping.

What if I decide I want to change something 6 months after you’ve worked on something?

– Feel free to send an email requesting the change. It will only cost the standard revision fee (unless you have leftover revisions from the project, in which case it will be free).

Can you do anything in the way of videos?

– Music videos are beyond my abilities at the present moment, though “Making of” videos showing the recording process and any outtakes could be done for $200. A split screen video showcasing all of the instruments is another possibility, and that would also cost $200. You can either receive the video via ftp and or DVD (DVD only has the shipping fee).

What could I do with these videos?

– With your permission, the video could be uploaded to the Acrality Youtube channel, which currently has 1300 subscribers and is constantly growing. They could also be uploaded to any social network site to share with friends and family.

Have an unanswered question? Send an email to rob@acralitymusic.com and ask! It just may show up on this page!

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